Monday, March 9, 2009

The Truths about Modeling and Model Mayhem

So this is where the "sales pitch" is supposed to go, I'm to write something that encapsulates my style and vision or how the work that we do together will be magic. Instead I'm going to write a few truths and you are more than welcome to disagree, when in this (dare I say ) industry judgement comes from all sides and so I'm prepared for any judgements that may be made from them. In the end, I don't need a model to take pictures, just my camera and my eye.

Truth #1: is a social network ... this isn't linkedin ... there are more non-models on MM than real ones ... ShoutBox is chat and rarely is anyone talking shop

Truth #2: I am no interested in doing anything other than take your picture. Well, maybe a little conversation but outside of that ... it's ALL about the images.

Truth #3: You don't need a killer portfolio to get work if you really are a model, if you haven't noticed there are no recruiters from any major modeling agency on MM.

Truth #4: If you say you don't do nude modeling yet you have a picture of yourself nude in your portfolio ... you're an idiot (yes, an idiot)

Truth #5: 90% of everything you see and read from MM (social media) is either a complete lie or embellishment of the truth. It's okay to question things.

Truth #6: Just because you were able to get your picture in a publication doesn't mean you've "made it" or that you're hot shit ... it just means that you had good timing or worked with the right people. If you're not actively speaking with or working with REAL modeling agencies, you just prefer telling people that you're a model instead of  whatever it is that you really are.

Truth #7: The art of photography isn't the composition, it is the ability of the photographer to get the shot that he/she envisions out of the model, if the photographer is not capable of directing or selling the concept through to create the image then he/she is just hoping to get lucky shooting 1000 images to get 3 good ones.

Truth #8: Luck play a HUGE role in photography - Good/Great photographers are better at creating their own luck.

Truth #9: Photoshop should be used to make a great photo perfect not an average photographer seem great.

Truth #10: Comments are "nice" ... but anyone who asks to trade comments or feels the need to solicit for them is an idiot. It's the equivalent of asking someone to tell them that you love them ... if it's asked for it has no meaning, and if it has no meaning than what is the point? The only people that need to be happy with the images are the ones involved in the process. Comments are not trading cards, it's sad if you are looking for that validation or collection - shoot because you have a purpose, a reason - whether you're getting paid, love to shoot, like the freedom of expression ... pandering for comments is no better than asking for change on the street, in fact it's worse as the change is worth something.

Truth #11: Photographers are still guys with cameras, they just know how to use them.

Truth #12: You are allowed to say "no" and if you don't know that you are in serious serious danger.

Truth #13: I won't make you famous, I don't care if you ARE famous, I don't care if I never shoot another model again ... IT'S ALL ABOUT THE IMAGE.

Truth #14: I enjoy taking pictures because I enjoy the process, the interaction, the journey. It is a personal outlet from my life ... and through these eyes I shoot what I find beautiful and attractive or interesting at that moment.

Truth #15: I promise only what I believe I can deliver.

Let's work ... because IT'S ALL ABOUT THE IMAGE!


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